Don’t worry. Our sales department will work with you to identify which is the most suitable material for your roller, depending on working conditions, application etc.

We advise you to open our application form and you will find the basic data we need to choose the right covering.

Although all rubbers could look alike, there is a big variety, and whose mechanical characteristics and response to various external agents are totally different. You can consult the technical properties table of our formulations by clicking here.

So, it is so important to provide us all possible information regarding work conditions to choose the best covering for you.

Delivery time varies; it depends on several factors such as type of rubber, finishing, etc., but could be set about 20 business days.

Covering a mechanical roller includes processes such as the treatment of surface to be covered, grinding, balancing, etc. and chemical processes such as the formulation of rubber, vulcanization, stabilization… These processes require a time that must always be respected, and usually they take a large part of the manufacturing process.

Therefore, we always advise our customers that if your roller is vital, always have a replacement of the same.

There are several ways: you can provide us a constructive drawing of the roller, we will manufacture it, or sending us the roller which you want to have a replacement and we will produce a full roller like yours.

You can also contact us as we have a large database of rollers’ drawings for different industries and applications.


We manufacture and cover rollers, but we do not make maintenance of industrial machinery, therefore, we do not disassemble your machine.

However, if you do not have a maintenance shop which can do it, we can offer you some of our workshops partners without any compromise.

Regarding the accessories which are usually removable on rollers, such as bearings, pulleys, etc. should be removed before, as this is required by our production process. If for any reason you cannot do it, we will remove them and the accessories would be returned disassembled. In this case we are not responsible for any breakages of the accessories in the disassembly process.


As we have said before, our coverings are made with different kinds of rubber and their characteristics vary as well. They support the contact of several chemical components. So we advise you to contact us before using any cleaning agent.


Rollers should be saved inside wood boxes without light and no extreme changes in temperature. In addition, rollers never have to be supported on rubber covering. Therefore, the covering durability will be ensured.

We strive to provide the best service to our customers, so all our products are verified supplied, following the protocols established by our Certified Quality System SGS and applying to them the legally prescribed warranty.

However, if you detect a quality defect, you must contact us as soon as possible and if we deemed it is necessary, roller would be sent to our facilities for analysis.

Are not considered quality defects the ones caused by the misuse or those caused by extreme working conditions that have not been previously communicated to apply the covering.

If we confirm a quality defect, it will be corrected, either by repair if it is possible or ultimately by replacement of defective goods. Guarantee is applied to the defective pieces and always within the legal deadline. After the correction, the roller will be returned to our customers’ facility with payment shipping cost. No shipments will be made to other addresses.

If after checking no defects are detected, customer will be informed and roller will be returned by the customer’ agency, running him with shipping cost.

Relax, let’s talk. To do this, contact our commercial department through the means provided: Contact

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