The blown film or tubular film extrusion process is the most common method for the manufacturing of plastic films, and in general it is used for processing of plastic thermoplastic bags.

From the calendering until the last rewinding from the plastic roll, there are used a big quantity of rollers both metallic rollers and rubber coated rollers. Given that the plastic film thickness is obtained in the calendering process, it is of vital importance the perfect finish of the finish roller. It is also very important the following winding process, where different guide rollers and tensor rollers that avoid folds are involved.

Between transport rollers and winding rollers usually we find the treatment systems and static charges removing systems composed by electrically conductive brushes with earth connection that rub the plastic film surface already collapsed, in order to eliminate static electricity, that it is why it is of particular importance a good electricity conductivity of the coated rubber.

Maquina calandra film plastico
Rodillo guía

At Rodero we are experts in rollers used in plastic film extrusion. The main characteristics of our coatings are:

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